1 – What is Textile Mall?

Textile Mall is the first global hub of its kind in the world, specifically designed for the textile, apparel and wholesale industry. At 1.8 million square feet, the mall is the only mall in the United Arab Emirates operating under a Free Zone Enterprise (FZE) trade license, making it a unique and essential business opportunity for international and regional merchants to reach to new global markets. Textile Mall’s groundbreaking 35-year fixed-price lease empowers business owners to establish longterm roots in Dubai, guaranteeing zero increases on rent for 35 years.

2 – Where is Textile Mall located?

The mall is located next to Dubai Textile City near Dragon Mart in the rapidly growing International City (Al Warsan 1) area of Dubai.

Textile Mall is less than half an hour from DXB airport, which has second highest rate of international freight in the world and the highest rate of international passenger traffic globally. Dubai itself is uniquely centralized, only a four hour flight from one-third of the world’s population.

3 – How do I get to Textile Mall?

From the airport: Textile Mall is a 15-minute drive from three major international airports across Dubai and Sharjah: Dubai International Airport, Dubai World Central and Sharjah International Airport.

By bus, metro or taxi: Once operational, the mall will be serviced by a dedicated RTA bus stop and taxi rank. It will also be serviced by the planned extension of the Dubai Metro Green Line.

By car: Textile Mall can be accessed via Al Awir Road from either Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road or Emirates Road. The RTA has plans to construct a major new junction on Al Awir Road that will further enhance access in and out of the mall.


4 – What facilities will Textile Mall offer tenants?

Every aspect of Textile Mall has been designed to facilitate convenience and ease of business for tenants and their customers.

Parking: One parking space is allocated per unit in a dedicated multi-story car park with direct bridge access to each floor of the mall. For visitors and customers, the mall has ample parking to facilitate fast and convenient access to the mall.

Access: Conveniently-located drop-off and loading facilities will allow swift access for tenants and visitors, as well as efficient transfer and storage of stock. The mall will have multiple entrances, elevators, escalators and emergency staircases.

Services: Standard facilities at the Textile Mall include security, wi-fi, convenience retail stores, an onsite medical clinic, bank services (ATMs, bank branches, exchange), shipping, logistic  and customs offices, government services and more.

Other amenities: Adequate restrooms are provided on each floor, as well as prayer rooms. A selection of local cafes and restaurants will provide places to eat, gather and socialize.

Wayfinding: Customer-focused wayfinding will be organized by zone and include a shop numbering system that is easy to navigate.

Accommodation: A 279-room, 3-star hotel will be constructed adjacent to Textile Mall to serve its visitors and international buyers.

5 – What types of shop units are available?

Store units at the Textile Mall are purpose-built and can be as big as your business needs to be. The majority (90%) of single units are 480 sqft, and the remainder range from 357 sqft to 4,272 sqft. All units comprise a sales area and a mezzanine level for an office or additional storage.

Individual units can be combined with adjacent units to form larger stores (based on availability). Tenants will be responsible for covering the costs of signage and store fit-out, subject to sign-off by mall management, and have a 90-day fit-out period.

Tenants will receive store units in a ‘shell and core’ state that include:

  • Blockwork walls
  • Concrete floors
  • A spiral staircase to the mezzanine floor
  • A/C units with individual controls
  • Sufficient electrical connections
  • A built-in firefighting system

6 – Who is eligible to lease in Textile Mall?

Both companies and individuals may reserve an unlimited number of units in Textile Mall with a 10% deposit and valid identification.

Reservation Agreement Requirements for a company (original & 1 copy):

  • Company trade license
  • Company stamp
  • Emirates ID / Passport of company signatory
  • Company checkbook

Reservation Agreement Requirements for an individual (original & 1 copy):

  • Emirates ID / passport
  • Checkbook

If reserving on behalf of companies or individuals (original & 1 copy):

  • Power of attorney granting representative the authority to lease on behalf of the company or individual
  • Emirates ID / passport of representative

7 – What are the lease terms?

Textile Mall offers a unique 35-year fixed-price lease for tenants with no increases — guaranteed. This tenant-focused business model is significantly more affordable than traditional lease contracts, which are subject to unpredictable annual price increases.

There are two preliminary steps to leasing in Textile Mall: a Reservation Agreement followed by a Prelease/Lease Agreement. Tenants may reserve an unlimited number of units when submitting a Reservation Agreement with a 10% deposit and valid identification.

Lease Agreement terms include, but are not limited to:

  • 35-year lease with no price increase guaranteed, valid under the laws of the Emirate of Dubai and the UAE Federal Government
  • Tenants can benefit from a Free Zone Enterprise (FZE) trade license (available through Trakhees), allowing 100% foreign ownership, full repatriation of capital and profits, free transfer of funds and residency visa(s)
  • A set payment schedule of installments (see Question 9, How do I pay?)
  • Installments are due before the completion of the mall’s construction, and financing is available for Textile Mall tenants through our bank partners
  • Note: Both companies and individuals may reserve an unlimited number of units in Textile Mall with a 10% deposit and valid identification.

8 – Are Sub-leasing and Lease Transfers allowed?

Yes, both sub-leasing and lease transfers are allowed without charges or fees from Textile Mall, subject to approval from Textile Mall management and provided the following conditions and requirements are met:

  • Lease transfers are permitted after the Textile Mall is fully leased
  • If a lease transfer is required by the tenant before construction is complete, all payments except the final handover payment must have been made
  • Tenants must assume all legal commitments in the case of either sub-leasing or lease transfers, including payment of any applicable transfers and registration costs to the relevant authorities

9 – How do I pay, and what is the fixed payment plan?

The 35-year, fixed-price lease for units at Textile Mall is the most advantageous and economical option for textile traders looking to establish themselves and secure their future in the region’s textile hub.

Payment schedule: Payment must be made in the form of ten (10) checks, payable to Textile Mall, according to the following schedule. At this time, no payments are allowed in cash, by bank transfer, or by credit card. No discounts or changes to the payment schedule or lease term are permissible.

Installment % of Total Date Due
1 10% 11/6/17
2 10% 5/7/17
3 5% 1/8/17
4 5% 1/9/17
5 10% 1/12/17
6 10% 19/2/18
7 10% 19/4/18
8 5% 19/7/18
9 10% 19/12/18
10 25% 1/5/19

* Installment due on the later of (i) 19 December 2017; and (ii) the date of commencement of the Landlord’s Works

** Installment due on the later of (i) 31 December 2018; and (ii) the date on which the Certificate of Substantial Completion is issued by the Landlord’s Contractor

Lease Prices

Floor Zone 35 Year Rent
1 Platinum $313,896/AED 1,152,000
1 Gold $282,507/AED 1,036,800
1 Silver $268,381/AED 984,960
2 Platinum $298,202/AED 1,094,400
2 Gold $268,381/AED 984,960
2 Silver $254,910/AED 935,520

Lease financing: To accommodate Textile Mall’s unique 35-year lease payment plan, the mall
has partnered with RAK Bank to make financing available and accessible to tenants.

Price Breakdown – For Comparison Only

Yearly Rent Monthly Rent Yearly Rent Per SqFt
$8,968.47/AED 32,914 $747/AED 2,743 $19/AED 69
$8,071.62/AED 29,623 $673/AED 2,469 $17/AED 62
$7,668.04/AED 28,142 $639/AED 2,345 $16/AED 59
$8,520.05/AED 31,269 $710/AED 2,606 $18/AED 65
$7,668.04/AED 28,142 $639/AED 2,345 $16/AED 59
$7,283.15/AED 26,729 $607/AED 2,227 $15/AED 56

Note: There is no payment option on a yearly or monthly basis. The only option is an upfront
payment. The above columns only enable comparisons.

10 – What is a Free Zone Enterprise (FZE) trade license and how does it benefit my business?

Textile Mall is the only mall in the UAE that is located in a free zone, and is built to make businesses thrive. All Textile Mall tenants benefit from a Free Zone Enterprise (FZE) trade license, which includes:

  • 100% foreign company ownership of business
  • 0% corporate & personal income tax rate guaranteed for 50 years
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No currency restriction
  • Allocation of four (4) residencies visas per license
  • Discounted licenses fees for businesses with existing trade licenses issued by the Government of Dubai

11 – Are there additional charges I need to know about?

Additional overheads are minimal. They include:

  • A one-time 2-4% registration fee for the Dubai Land Department
  • A monthly DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) charge billed directly to tenants. All stores are individually metered
  • A quarterly service charge collection for the upkeep of the common areas of the mall, based proportionally on total number of tenants and actual costs
  • Application for a Free Zone Enterprise (FZE) trade license, which is offered through Trakhees. Dubai Textile City trade licenses are not valid at Textile Mall
  • Late payments will be charged a penalty at the prescribed rate as detailed in the Prelease Agreement
  • Returned checks will be subject to a AED 3,000 penalty

12 – Who is the developer of Textile Mall?

The Textile Mall is being developed by The Dubai Government’s Ports, Customs and Free Zones Corporation (PCFC). PCFC is responsible for one of the top ports in the world and includes Dubai Customs, Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA), PCFC Hotels and Trakhees.

13 – Leasing Office

Dubai Customs, Port Rashid
Opening times: Sunday to Thursday, 9am – 6pm
For assistance, please call +971 4 321 3901 (9am – 6pm)
or +971 54 307 0569 (6pm – 8pm)